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Landscape Design 

Award winning Sydney landscape design

Our homes are more than just the sum of their parts. They’re a place to feel safe, a place to tell stories, a place to create and share memories. It’s no surprise then, that as we embrace new ways of home living, we look to our outdoor spaces as a larger part of our lived experience.

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Landscape design that draws you in

The most effective landscape design is always informed by a project’s wider context. This requires a deeper understanding of the interplay of site position, existing architecture, light and space, and the emotional response elicited when these elements intersect. Our skilled designers use innovative and pragmatic design solutions that add value to your property and maximise your external spaces.

At the heart of our landscape design process is the experience your new design will provide – a space that’s everything it can be, and one you’ll never want to leave.

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We will take you through a tailored and detailed consultation, Concept Design and Concept development. 

Landscape design Process

From start to finish, our landscape design process is a collaborative journey shared between you and us.


We join you on-site to discuss your vision for your new landscape design. Together, we look at the existing land, architecture, materials, planting, and other elements giving us a greater understanding of each site’s context. Constraints are also assessed, such as access and above-ground services.

During this meeting, we discuss the intricacies of your new garden, offering our expert insights into how we can meet your functional requirements, any style or design element you may be interested in, as well as your budget. 

With all of that information, we’ll then put together your design brief, a key document which establishes the design direction and determines the fees for design services. We then prepare and send a Landscape Design Fee Proposal.

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Concept design

Once the brief has been approved, we get to work preparing your landscape concept design. This gives you a clearer understanding and vision of the project scope and how your garden design will look when complete. While each project’s requirements may differ slightly or drastically, all projects start with a Concept Design.

The Concept Design presents a vision for your garden via a detailed landscape plan. Accompanying the landscape plan, is a proposed plant and material palette, preliminary plant schedule, and section/elevation details of the major design features. At this stage, we allow time for review and revision of drawings to ensure we develop a design that meets your needs and desires. Once the revision process is complete, we provide you with a budget estimation for construction.

Concept development

After approval of the concept design, we work together to develop your ideas further. Looking into the more intricate details of your external space, we use your feedback to further refine your landscape design. Thanks to this open exchange of ideas, we can finalise covering potential furniture, finishes, lighting, irrigation, and drainage.

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