The Outdoor Establishments design team is always happy to lend a helping hand or give advice. Check out our contribution to the Sydney Daily Telegraph - Home Annual Build Edition. 

Outdoor Establishments Director Trystan Graham says more people are keen to invest in their landscaping, and not just because they get a good return on their spending when its time to sell. "People are starting to appreciate a good garden and good design," he says. "They are embracing the outdoors more and don't feel like they are overcapitalising by spending more on the garden because they know they will get their money back and then some when it comes to sell."

"The change in attitude is partly down to social media because people see cool photos of what is achievable. Whenever you go to any bar or restaurant now, you can see there is a big green movement." But just as many people don't leave enough in the kitty for new furniture, Trystan says its not unusual for homeowners to be spending whatever is left on the garden. "A lot of people put a lot more value on the house at the expense of the garden which is a shame because it should be looked at as an entire project", he says. "If it is a new build quite often people look at the garden to quickly finish it off, especially when the budget has been spent on the house but its nice to have an idea of what you want to achieve right from the beginning.   

Interview by Robyn Willis from the Daily Telegraph

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