One international project that recently caught the eye of the Outdoor Establishments Design Team was a house and garden documented on Grand Designs. An ambitious couple had their heart set on building a glass-fronted, modern home on top of a storm-prone Welsh cliff that was crumbling away beneath their feet. The project itself presented its fair share of difficulties, including the harsh Welsh climate and the awkwardness of construction on top of an unstable cliff.

What appealed so much to us about this project apart from the incredible stonework, is the way the design blends the old, traditional stonewalling with the minimalist, contemporary design of the new home. The designers were able to create a stunning, livable home that proves that the quirky combination of modern design and traditional building techniques does work.

We are itching to use this design as inspiration for a landscape design here in Sydney! So if you are interested in doing something exciting and different, get in contact with our team via email or call the office on 02 99668630.