Living in Sydney means living in close proximity to your neighbours. This is not an issue for most people, however, it is nice to have a little privacy within your own property. Planting large trees or hedges works great for screening, but takes up valuable space in the garden which is impractical and wasteful with land value in Sydney being so ridiculously high.

Enter the Bamboo Slender Weavers. Known in the horticulture world as the Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis”, this guy is THE plant for privacy!

Non-invasive, compact, lush all year round, drought hardy and frost tolerant - This plant ticks all the boxes.

We designed Bamboo Slender Weavers into our latest courtyard garden in Crows Nest and the impact was instant! Want to talk to us about your courtyard garden? Contact the office on 02-99668630 or email the design team direct