Being Winter, deciduous trees are standing out like sore thumbs, so, for that reason, the Outdoor Establishments plant of the month is the Prunus cerasifera nigra ‘Fastigiata'. More commonly known as the flowering plum. This deciduous tree grows to around 5m tall and has slender branches covered in deep purple leaves for most of the year. In spring, the tree blossoms with delicate pink flowers, making it a striking feature tree for any garden.

Flowering plum trees are relatively low maintenance. They require moist soil, good drainage and a decent amount of exposure to the sun to thrive. One issue to be wary of is the placement of the tree in your garden as the flowers are at risk of blowing off from strong winds. However, strategically sheltering the tree from harsh weather conditions will lessen the chances of this happening. Available in Sydney all year round.

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