Although winter is often considered to be a time of dull gardens and empty branches, it's peak season for the Magnolia x Soulangeana. Commonly known as the Saucer Magnolia or Chinese Magnolia, they are a late winter flowering tree and produce an abundance of pastel pink blossoms. Perfect for bringing a splash of colour into your garden when it needs it the most.

These hybrid trees is slowish growing, so will take some years to reach their full height and width of around six meters. They like to live in a temperate climate, thrive in well-drained soil and prefer morning sun, but will tolerate full sun provided they are well watered. Once mature, the plants are quite hardy.

If you are looking for a small to medium feature tree for your garden, maybe this colourful gem is right for you! Got any questions? Maybe you want to get the ball rolling on your own garden design? Call the Outdoor Establishments office on 9966 8630 or email us