In 1950 the worlds population sat comfortably at around 2.5 Billion people - a manageable number. Jump forward 65 years to the present day and the Earth is now inhabited by 7.13 Billion people. Apart from the obvious strain this puts on already dwindling natural resources, it means more development and the expansion of Earths cities. 

With the worlds population expected to reach almost 10 Billion people by 2050, the need to focus on 'Green Space' in urban environments has never been so high. Green space in cities is vital to maintaining public health. 

Today, the Outdoor Establishments team was lucky enough to crane in and install a mature Manchurian Pear in the internal courtyard of a refurbished industrial warehouse in the inner-city suburb of Redfern. We look forward to not only using this space ourselves but also watching how other people use this space both social with friends or privately as a little escape from the harsh city surroundings. 

Have you got a space that needs an injection of Horticulture. Call the Outdoor Establishments office and lets have a chat. 02 9966 8630