The Swamp Banksia is a dramatic shrub. With large stiff serrated leaves and a changing texture as it ages this plant looks stunning at all stages of growth. It has an appearance of mid-green to pale green and feather-like yellowing of older leaves as well as the changing colour of flowers. Occurring naturally in swamps along the coast and nearby plateaus of New South Wales and Queensland, despite this it is a highly adaptable plant in the garden and will thrive in a great variety of soils and situations.

Botanical name: Banksia robur

Origin: Australia 

Name meaning: 

Banksia - after Sir Joseph Banks, the British botanist who travelled with Captain James Cook;

robur - strength, probably referring to the robust nature of the plant.

HOT TIP: Full sun is required for good flowering. 

Just like us, wildlife such as nectar eating birds, insects and butterflies enjoy spending time with this cheeky fella. So call us on 9966 8630 and you too can join us.