This eye-catching Bromeliad may take it’s time to reach it’s full size of up to 1.5m across but each stage of growth allows for it’s vibrant colour to become richer and deeper. The flower spike of the Alcantarea imperialis can reach 2.5m in height and is full of tiny white flowers. This floral arrangement creates a stunning contrast to the plants foliage which are often colourful, slightly ribbed and feel leathery at touch. Originating from Brazil and happily growing in the mountains close to Rio de Janeiro at an elevation of up to 1500m above sea level, these guys prefer well drained loamy soil, don’t need great soil depth and require very little maintenance. There are many varieties and they are a versatile and visually striking plant, perfect for pots, garden beds, around pools and on patios and balconies. 

Botanical name: Alcantarea imperialis

Origin: Brazil 

Top Tip: Keep an eye out for ‘pups’ around the base when the plant flowers, these can be separated and replanted. 

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