One of the more prominent trees within a garden, the Coral Bark Maple as it is commonly known, is a fitting name for this sculptural tree. A stunning cultivar of the Japanese Maple which is suited to small gardens, courtyards, and acts as a wonderful feature tree as it has an evolving display of yearly colour within the garden. An absolute favourite of ours here at Outdoor Establishments. 

This Maple sprouts new branches in a radiant coral pink (making the common name befitting). The sculptural trunk and branch structure are bold and on display all year round, but particularly in Winter when the tree is without leaf. Throughout the year, the divided leaves display a wonderful array of orange, yellow and green tones, creating a wonderful backdrop.

Botanical name: Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku'

Origin: Asia 

Mature Size: 6m x 6m

Form: Vase Shape

Paddington project by Outdoor Establishments

HOT TIP: Australian Summers can be too extreme for this tree, so part-shade is ideal.

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