The Agave salmiana, or as it is commonly known 'Giant Agave', is not a difficult plant to grow. Similar to most Agave, it thrives when left to its own devices. This Agave is a relatively slow grower, making them fantastic for use in planters or pot, as you can see from our Giant Agave at Outdoor Establishments head office.

Native to Southern / Central Mexico, the Giant Agave thrives in dry heat. However, they still perform well in Sydney's humidity. Whether it is a sunny position in a large garden or a corner in your courtyard (space permitting), the Giant Agave will soon command attention and become a feature within your home. 

Botanical Name: Agave salmiana

Common Name: Giant Agave/ Green Giant

Origin: Mexico

Height: 1.5m

Width: 3.2m

Tolerates: Dry summer, drought

Likes: Full sun, well-drained soil

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