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Landscape in Sydney. Furniture built in vs setting

Furniture built in vs setting



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Project Kenthurst

Date  October 30 2017

Author Outdoor Establishments

Photography Outdoor Establishments

On those hot summer days we spend most of our time soaking up that gorgeous summer sun. Whether you are enjoying a warm read in peace or entertaining the whole cricket team post game you want to make sure that you have the right furniture to accomodate your needs, space and budget. Trystan shares his top tips when trying to make decisions about outdoor furniture. 

Cost. Your budget will determine what is achievable. Custom built / built in furniture is expensive, but is often a great way to integrate the furniture into the overall garden design and will allow you to keep a consistent materials palette. If you are looking at buying an 'off the shelf' setting, remember this furniture will be exposed to the elements and can deteriorate quickly if the quality is not of a high standard. You can still pick up some great furniture on a budget but consider buying a cover to ensure longevity.

Space Saving. A cantilevered bench built into the retaining wall is a lot more space efficient than the chunky 8-piece setting. Think about the space you wish to create and how the furniture will impact on movement and circulation. Often round settings work best in a tight space. 

Versatility. Built in furniture lacks versatility and is obviously very permanent. Opt for something that matches your entertaining requirements as well as your day to day outdoor leisure needs. Extendable tables are great for people who entertain in both small and large numbers. Light weight settings constructed out of powder-coated steel can be easily removed to open up the space. If you are looking for a more relaxed vibe, consider bean bags.

Maintenance. Both options will require some maintenance depending on the material and location. Carefully consider your needs when selecting your furniture items. Timber and fabrics are the most sensitive materials and will require yearly maintenance. Steel and concrete are extremely durable and apart from the occasional wipe down require almost no attention after purchase. 

Moving House. This one is a no-brainer. You have to ask yourself, can you let go of that beautiful built in off-form concrete bench if you move house?! In this situation a furniture setting is the way to go.

The Design. It is here that a built in setting can be the true winner. The piece can be seamlessly incorporated into the garden design where materials can play off each other, and the location, form and function can complement or contrast. The choice is yours. 

Our custom designed, site specific, bench and table at one of our Palm Beach Gardens. Here the client needed a secure setting that could withstand the coastal conditions and was theft proof. Our solution, off-form concrete supports, steel frame and hardwood tops and back supports.  

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