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From Small Gardens Big Things Grow



OE Project  Woolloomoo Courtyard


Date  March 2017

Author Mezzanine Magazine

Photography Natalie Hunfalvay

“Collaborating with like-minded people helps create not only beautiful and healthy buildings but a sanctuary in the hustle and bustle of everyday life”

– Trystan Graham of Outdoor Establishments.

“…small space design can be difficult, says Trystan Graham, director of Sydney’s Outdoor Establishments. “People often get so caught up with trying to maximise space that they end up with nothing more than a new tiled area,” he says, “and the issues that can arise from this approach can be drastic.” Graham agrees that collaborating with like-minded people is important when it comes to achieving sustainability objectives. “The free exchange of ideas and trading of expert knowledge with other disciplines is what allows us to create landscapes that we, and our clients, are truly proud of,” he says. Graham says well-planned garden design and introducing greenery into urban areas helps to minimise negative environmental impacts and ensures that even small spaces can be comfortable and inviting.

This was the case with Outdoor’s recent courtyard project in Woolloomooloo, where it needed to create a space that recognised the client’s need for a versatile outdoor living area, notwithstanding its small footprint. “Storage and car parking were essential, as well as an entertainment area that would essentially extend the home out into the garden.” He says introducing as many plants as possible was pivotal in softening the harsh inner city setting. 

It took a similar approach with its Chatswood rooftop project, a space that highlights just how possible it is to create a functional, sustainable garden even in the most rigid of settings. Despite being exposed to the elements at 28 floors above street level, the rooftop showcases the importance of injecting plant life into high-density areas, even in the most unforgiving of environments.”

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