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Landscape in Sydney. Regular garden maintenance in Sydne

Regular garden maintenance in Sydney



Project  Middle Head Road

Date  June 29 2015

Author Outdoor Establishments

Photography James Shaw-Taylor

More often than not during a garden design consultation with a new client, we hear the same comment: “We had work done to the garden a few years ago but it has been neglected and now it needs re-doing”. Ongoing landscape & garden maintenance is the key to ensuring your garden remains well kept and looking it's best.

However, looking after your garden is about more than just pulling weeds or mowing the lawn on the weekend: it requires adequate care from experienced and qualified horticulturist and landscape gardeners to ensure it is properly maintained. A professional garden maintenance service should address all horticultural elements, including planting and plant requirements, pests and diseases, greenskeeping, chemical applications and fertilisers, pruning times and so forth.

Landscaping is a complete and continual process. Comprising of calculated garden design followed by precise landscape construction using quality materials to ensure the landscape design is not compromised. Finally, meticulous and regular garden maintenance is crucial to ensure that all of that hard work is not lost.

At Outdoor Establishments, we have a group of dedicated professionals who are experts in their chosen fields of landscape architecture, garden design, landscape construction and horticulture. Our team is genuinely passionate about what they do.

If you think your garden needs a little TLC,